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Where Am I Right Now?


Life… What a cliché way to start a blog post right? A single, four letter word, duping us with its simplicity, while containing literally every aspect of our being within itself. A word that simultaneously connects and divides us, builds us up and tears us down, then ultimately ends.

Definition by ThatPineapple

It all sounds pretty morbid but the greatest upside of life is living, and I mean really living, getting all up in those moments that make you feel alive. It may be different for everyone, from an act as simple as demolishing that piece of cake you’ve been eyeing out, to the deathifying feat of jumping out of planes from miles above the surface of the earth. You got to do what you got to do to feel alive, because without it we are merely surviving and that’s not fair to us.

Most of us don’t allow ourselves to live, we find ourselves at a point in our lives where we are too busy with work, school or the other multitude of responsibilities that make up our day-to-day lives. Even in our downtime we seat ourselves in front of the television and stare at our phones, looking at others who are living and dreaming of such things and wanting them for ourselves. We have excuses upon excuses to make ourselves feel better about the things we aren’t doing, “I’m just too busy” is what we tell ourselves, “I’m way too tired, maybe next time”. We need to stop this! We are literally robbing ourselves of precious experiences! If we don’t break the habit one day we are going to look up from our busy lives and realise that opportunities have passed and will never come around again.

I say, get up off your butt, go out there and start living your best life boo. See things and do things, get active, shake it up a bit. We only have this one life and it’s up to us to make the most of it. Let’s make a pledge to ourselves right now, from this moment onwards we will live in the moment and make the best of our days, we will do new things and experience the world in all its wonder and beauty. This is our life and where we are right now is the beginning of something wondrous.


I would like to take a moment to thank my amazing wife for her support and encouragement ( as well as her mad editing skills) without which this blog may never have come to be. I love you Mrs. Pineapple.

Till next time…

Be wild, weird and wonderful.



Published by ThatPineapple

I am but a simple man attempting to spark a thought in the minds of my fellow earth dwellers.

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  1. Aww, it’s all you! Talented at everything you try. So proud of your first post. Keep at it babe and I love you too.


  2. Great piece! You’re a very talented writer and I have to commend your zest for life. It’s all very inspiring and I hope to read many more articles from you in the future.✌🏻


  3. MR Pineapple I really love what you wrote and I find very I teresting my only question to LIFE is… it easy as we think it to be…or is it as simple… I…. Wondering…


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